The Crickety Project


The renovation of the building provides an array of facilities to help locals, groups, organisations and outreach services, working collaboratively to reduce social isolation and addressing the health and educational inequalities which exist in the area. Through this the Buccaneers will enable people in the area to attain and achieve the highest level to which they are capable, improve true engagement levels, encourage and develop sports activity and health for all, develop opportunities to empower the community so they can support each other as a community.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Seeing 20,000 people and 57 different groups use the building has been a fantastic achievement. The free tuition that is provided to primary 7s has been incredibly popular. Just seeing something happening in this end of the town has been great. Working with, and positively engaging, hard to reach groups has been very rewarding

How has your project benefited your local area?

The Crickety is bringing services and facilities to where the people are rather than forcing the people to travel elsewhere to participate in services such as job clubs, drug and alcohol services, parent toddler groups etc. There is a large economic spin-off with over 20,000 having visited in the first year. The events have also brought a large number of people for overnight stays and resultant investment. The project has created and strengthened civic pride in the building, the area and the community

What has been your biggest challenge?

Brechin has significant inequalities and overcoming that, breaking down preconceptions, has been very challenging.
Project name

The Crickety Project

Applicant name

Grant Hutchison

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Fund now closed for further applications