Tea Gardens of Scotland

Tea Gardens of scotland field of tea plants - Angus LEADER

Angus LEADER, along with our local area group counterparts in Fife and Perth & Kinross support Artisan Tea Gardens Ltd a collaborative partnership of nine tea growers. The project includes specialist advice from expert tea consultants, special equipment for working in the individual gardens, and learning visits to Japanses and Sri-Lankan training and development events. Hopefully within two or three years, the group aim to develop a tea-trail around the sites, allowing their fans to see the gardens and compare the teas, and significant interest has already arisen on the back of successes already achieved.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The opportunity, through the development of a small-scale tea-processing initiative (the Scottish Tea Factory), funded by a separate LEADER grant, to process small batches of high quality tea in Scotland. This facility provided a critical element of the supply chain and a focal point for expansion of the small-scale artisan Scottish tea industry in Scotland.

How has your project benefited your local area?

The ability (through the consultant) to substantially enhance the quality of the tea produced across the group which facilitated the development of viable businesses. This would not have been possible without expert input and resulted in the first pure black tea ever grown in Scotland, which sold rapidly as a high value product.

Employment impacts resulting from the successful development of new tea businesses, with all the growers employing additional temporary staff from the local area and the development of tourist enterprises related to tea products.

Tea Ladies with LAG Chair - Angus LEADER
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Tea Gardens of Scotland

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Artisan Tea Gardens Ltd

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