South-west Angus Community Development Initiative

South West Angus community development

The project built community capacity in the South–west Angus area, working with local residents and groups to develop new initiatives and solutions to the challenges faced by those living in the area, to produce a stronger, more resilient community, with a stronger community infrastructure, which is better placed to address current challenges and deliver improved outcomes.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Building and maintaining relationships with the community in order to establish their needs and aspirations and using the information they provided to improve their community. We used many different methods to connect with the community including producing a flyer and newsletter and delivering these to every single household in the area, this ensured we reached everyone, especially those socially isolated without internet access or access to a noticeboard. This method helped promote one of our community events which was a great achievement, as it brought everyone together and promoted what was on in the area, including helping to find new members/volunteers for groups.

What's next for your project?

A Community – Led Action Plan has been developed through community engagement and two consultation events where ideas were gathered. The purpose of the plan is to provide focus and direction to work beyond the life of the project. Volunteers from the local community have agreed to do what they can to ensure the actions in the plan are delivered and it is hoped that the community will continue to work together and be involved in continued improvement.

It is worth highlighting the significant effort that has been put in to exploring the following yet to start projects:

• The Sidlaw Bike Hire project was an idea of a rural bike hire scheme that would enable people in Sidlaw area to hire traditional bikes for a reduced cost in order to encourage participation and promote health and wellbeing. Community Assistants worked with Sidlaw Path Network, tapping into their knowledge and experience of the area and funding matters. Following negotiation with local farm land owner and medical centre, two locations for outdoor bike stations were secured. Unfortunately, the project was unable to get off the ground due to lack of funding. After having a conversation with Ride On, it was hoped that this private company would be able to come to Sidlaw area with an electric bike share scheme in the future.

• The Community Choir had nineteen people interested in the choir and has secured a venue in St. Marnock’s Church for it to take place on a weekly basis. However, the choir was not able to go ahead due to lack of a choir leader. The future plan for the Community Choir is to try a community ‘sing along’ to get people to sing together in a social way until a choir leader is found, no time scale.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Finding new volunteers is a great challenge in this area. Many of the groups have older volunteers who would like to move on but it is difficult to find replacements for them. We utilised all our skills and knowledge to get people more actively involved and received good feedback from a volunteer event we held. Everyone found the event useful and wanted to have it as an annual event.
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South-west Angus Community Development Initiative

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Angus Council for South-west Angus Community Development Initiative

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