Ideas Festival 2019

The Rural Youth Project is a movement for positive change to empower young people (18 to 28 years of age), through developing their leadership, business and enterprise skills, whilst encouraging positive activism to help to play their part in making rural places attractive and viable for young people to build their lives and their futures. Support from LEADER for the next two years which will allow the Rural Youth Project to support vulnerable young people in rural communities who are often at a disadvantage to those in urban areas. The funding will develop and deliver the next stages of the Rural Youth Project including the development and implementation of a strategy to deliver long-term financial viability thorough additional funding streams, including potentially a trading arm, beyond 2020 leaving a strong legacy for LEADER.

You can contact the Rural Youth Project through their website


Rural Youth Project


Rural Youth Project in cooperation with LEADER areas in Scottish borders, Western Isles, Lanarkshire and Rural Perth & Kinross.

What We Did

Supporting the impact of and the interaction between young rural people across Scotland, as a foundation towards sustainable rural development


£38,234 from Angus, towards a total project award of £191,170