Rural Angus

the project will bring together people in North Angus (area around Brechin and Edzell) and in East Renfrewshire (area around Eaglesham and Waterfoot), working alongside people and community groups, learning from experience across the 2 areas.


  • Build more social connections for people and groups and so improve people’s quality of life
  • Provide information about the activities that community groups and other services provide
  • Provide events and other ways for community groups to work together more
  • Enable community groups to become more sustainable and continue to benefit people in the future.

Rural Wisdom, Outside the Box


Outside the Box

What We Did

partnership learning and cooperation between projects in Renfrewshire and Angus



How The Project Was Received

12 years ago there was nowhere other than schools or paid rehearsal space for young musicians. Having our own place and seeing so many musicians develop music and lifelong friendships has for me been the best part of DD8 Music.


I think it's pretty much the only platform of its kind in this area that allows young people to learn about music in a way that doesn't feel like you're tied to guitar or piano lessons.


Everyone involved is DD8 Music. Huge part of my life and hope others feel that too.


If I hadn’t come to DD8 then I probably would never have touched a bass guitar and I wouldn't be in the band I’m in now.