Rural Wisdom, North Angus

Rural Angus

The project brought together people in North Angus (area around Brechin and Edzell) and in East Renfrewshire (area around Eaglesham and Waterfoot), working alongside people and community groups, learning from experience across the 2 areas.

      • Built more social connections for people and groups and so improve people’s quality of life
      • Provided information about the activities that community groups and other services provide
      • Provided events and other ways for community groups to work together more
      • Enabled community groups to become more sustainable and continue to benefit people in the future.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The Singing Group moving to a point where the group, which brings together mostly older people who are seen by others to have higher needs, is now self-sufficient and encourages more people to get involved.
The range of ways in which people in this part of Angus have contributed their views and experiences to policy developments and consultations. The main example is the Scottish Government’s policy framework for older people which has a section on rural areas.
Supporting and building partnerships with community groups, voluntary organisations and teams in the public sector roles.

How has your project benefited your local area?

It has got more activities started that are low-level, accessible and cost very little to continue once they are up and running. It has also shown that this is possible, and the barriers to getting new community-based activities going may be less than people have assumed.
We have good partnerships with other groups and have supported them in their work, such as developments at the Crickety.

What has been your biggest challenge?

There are some groups in the area who want to take on activities which this project has helped plan or get started, but the people and/or group does not then have the capacity to do it – for example, because they are overloaded, or other developments are taking more time and effort than they had expected or have a greater priority for them. This has slowed work during the project and greatly slowed plans for the follow-on and sustainability of what has got started. We have found that supporting the people involved and slowing things to go at the pace they can manage – in the hope that they will then take things on – takes a lot of time and effort but results in few practical outcomes for local people.
Rural Angus
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Rural Wisdom, North Angus

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