Replacement Station building at Bridge of Dun

Cally railway - Angus leader

The provision of a replacement station building at Bridge of Dun capable of delivering a range of new services and products that will enable the CRB to respond to changing environments, meet the growing expectations of visitors, engage with the local community and benefit the local economy. It will be a much larger wooden structure than the existing temporary converted portacabin. Similar in style and size to the original building that was demolished in 1967, this new space will be divided into 3 areas, staff, public and toilets, including enhanced facilities for an impressive core of volunteers.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The Caledonian Railway Brechin Ltd was established in 1981 to take over the operation of the Brechin branch line from British Rail when the line was closed. This has been achieved with an entirely volunteer-run workforce. As well as supporting the development and wellbeing of volunteers, we have also achieved a great deal in this time. In the intervening period, we have managed and developed the railway as a tourist attraction and museum, protecting the heritage assets and increasing tourism footfall and general tourist retention in Angus while remaining self-funding for general operations. We have supported community groups, worked to align with local tourism activities and developed and helped into work a number of young people, providing work experience and mentoring. This was recognised in July 2020 when we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

How has your project benefited your local area?

Unfortunately, since completion and due to Covid, we have been unable to use the building as the main operations of the railway have ceased. This has meant that meaningful measurement of the benefit to our local area has not yet been possible – all metrics we had identified were based on usage or related directly to this. However, anecdotally the feedback we received from visitors to the railway prior to completion was all positive, recognising the greatly improved facility and the improvement to the look and feel of the station environs.

We still intend to perform the measurements agreed as part of the project once we are able to re-open. This will benefit our internal reporting and review processes and help with the development and management of future projects.

What has been your biggest challenge?

We are a wholly volunteer run organisation and this presents particular challenges with resourcing of projects and activities due to the work and study commitments of many of our members. This does often bring advantages in terms of breadth of experience, morale, and courage beyond many organisations with a paid workforce. However, we do often struggle with the number of viable projects we would like to achieve vs the resource to manage and deliver them.
Bridge of Dun Station - Angus LEADER
Project name

Replacement Station building at Bridge of Dun

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Caledonian Railway (Brechin) Ltd (CRB)

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