A programme of arts and cultural activities and events, led by contemporary artists from Tayside, developed to draw attention to the emergence of The Cateran Ecomuseum. In its inaugural year, the programme will transform sites in up to four locations in Eastern Perthshire, recently renamed ‘Cateran Country’ by bringing together 60 young people from the Strathmore Youth Alliance (Alyth Youth Partnership and SCYD, CAYAG), Blairgowrie High School and DD8 from Kirriemuir, with seasoned professionals from Tayside’s arts community to create innovative outdoor digital and sonic arts, land art and poetry experiences. The project will:

  • Set up a ‘pop-up’ digital space which will house digital equipment and associated software
  • Deliver four long weekends of out of school workshops and other activities in this ‘pop up’ space
  • Deliver a poetry residency over 12 weeks for young people


Peel Farm view Angus leader

No Boundaries Cooperation led by Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER


North East of North Limited

What We Did

Engaged young people in arts projects to celebrate Cateran Country


£10,000 towards total project of £109,800