Litter Summit Event


Angus hosted the first community led litter summit in Scotland in Arbroath, providing a powerful voice for members of the public involved in clean up initiatives throughout the county. LEADER also supported residents in East Haven to develop a community litter prevention action plan which will link directly to a high level plan to be developed by Angus Council. Wendy Murray from East Haven Together said “Local Authorities are not singularly responsible for preventing littering or for cleaning up. It is a responsibility that starts with individuals and is shared across businesses, landowners, public bodies, schools and other organisations. Funding from LEADER has allowed us to bring all these groups together along with politicians, Zero Waste Scotland and the Local Authority”. The Summit is an example of community empowerment in action and aims to involve the public in a meaningful way to prevent littering in a more strategic and coordinated manner.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Scottish Resources Award 2017 for Best Litter Prevention Initiative

How has your project benefited your local area?

a) More than 70 people have signed up to the new Adopt-A-Street initiative
b) Large areas of Angus have been regularly cleaned by members of the public
c) We have raised awareness about the harmful impact of littering
d) We have engaged businesses and provided encouragement and support to local groups
e) We have worked with communities and a school to develop Litter Prevention Action Plans
f) We have worked closely on a number of initiatives with the Local Authority Waste Management Team.
g) We were invited by the Scottish Government to attend a Marine Litter Summit in Oban
h) We have delivered presentations to Local Authority staff and groups across Scotland
i) Established Litter Shares Stations
j) People have visited Angus to learn more about the impact of littering on the marine environment and participated in beach cleans and art projects
i) We continue to work closely with the Scottish Government on various legislative change to reduce both marine and land litter

What has been your biggest challenge?

Policy and legislative change.
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Litter summit event

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East Haven Together

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