Friockheim Facilities Project

Friockheim hub development - Angus LEADER

The long-running campaign to reform the former village school into a multi-purpose centre sees new facilities including IT suite, fitness suite, indoor sports facilities, outdoor play activity area and community café. The facility will provide opportunities for the delivery of services such as health screening, hair dressing and podiatry, banking and post offices and citizens advice. This community-led facility caters for young people, elderly residents, disadvantaged groups, as well as established community groups, pre-school, mother and toddler activities and other educational activities.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Overcoming initial very high unexpected usage. Ability to cater for such a variety of classes and activities within the building with the resources to hand.

How has your project benefited your local area?

– Prior to COVID, over 1,000 visitors per week were attending local activities. All were from the local area and the wider local authority area.
– Probably have about 20 different companies using the building for classes resulting in business development and facilities for people.
– Also provided 4 self-employed businesses with business lets in the building, giving them a home.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Other than COVID restrictions, the challenge has been to cope with the unknown in terms of whether the building would be successful or not. After opening it was clear that the building would be very successful and there has been a logistical challenge to cope with the over-success.
Building at Friockhub Angus Leader
Friockheim hub development - Angus LEADER
Project name

Friockheim Facilities Project

Applicant name

Friockheim Community Hub Ltd

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Fund now closed for further applications