Denfind Stone Expansion Plans 2017 (Denfind Rebooted)


A new Operational, Production and Storage Space for the Stone facility was required (creating an additional building on site) to achieve the goals for the business in the next 3 – 5 years to cope with demand, to drive the new product range and accommodate some of the larger contracts such as flood prevention schemes. This also satisfies the need for increased storage to accommodate the enhanced product mix.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Lockdown occurred just as we finished the project so we took the opportunity to relocate existing machinery into the new shed ready to commence production when we reopened. It is now fully operational and proving to be extremely effective.

How has your project benefited your local area?

It has increased efficiencies, reduced vehicle movements which in turn reduced noise and dust.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The planning application.
Project name

Denfind Stone Expansion Plans 2017 (Denfind Rebooted)

Applicant name

Brian Binnie

Approved grant


Fund now closed for further applications