Cooperation Development Actions


Cooperation development was required in all LEADER areas. This ensures that cooperation projects are adequately pre-planned, including travel to and hosting of transnational meetings. The award supported work both in Angus and abroad with Finland, Estonia, Belgium Romania and Sweden. Three substantial projects arose from this, and relationships developed with the LEADER programmes in the other participating countries.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The cooperations that developed were each a significant achievement, and Angus was one of the first Scottish areas to hit their target allocation for cooperation allocations A spin-off from the ENGINE cooperation with Sweden allowed us to involve LAG members from the three Scottish areas (Angus, Fife and Rural Perth & Kinross) with each other and with the Swedish ’Linne Smaland’ LAG. Opportunities for engagement between LAG members from different Scottish areas and from different countries are very limited. This activity was widely appreciated by those involved.

What's next for your project?

We will use our experience to develop further the links between Angus community-led rural development and shared ineteersts elsewhere in Scotland, the UK and abroad.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Angus started out with a low profile at transnational level, being a new LAG area. We needed to make an extra effort to enagege with the cooperation scene and to travel to cooperation development events.
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Cooperation Development Actions

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Angus Council

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