Catchment Connections phase 1


As an element of a wider innovative catchment scale project in the South Esk Catchment Connections – Delivered Multiple Benefits at a Catchment Scale we wish to fund the development of a Wildlife Tourism Project Plan (phase 1). The plan formed the basis for a project that delivered catchment-wide wildlife and cultural tourism opportunities as well as further protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of Angus. The wider project (phase 2) will deliver multiple benefits and it is important to show how the tourism element sits in the wider context of the project.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Having a useful audit of visitor infrastructure in the South Esk catchment and securing phase 2 funding to develop a new tourism product. The Scotland group has also been to Finland on the first leg of exchange trips and has learned a lot from the experience.

How has your project benefited your local area?

A range of benefits ono the completion of the project “Our Rivers”. Increased awareness of Angus wildlife, landscapes as well as increased access to the countryside and a boost to visitor numbers may all be apparent.
Project name

Catchment Connections phase 1

Applicant name

Angus Council

Approved grant


Fund now closed for further applications