Angus ADHD Support Hub – Friockheim


Accessible space in rural Angus to provide support, information, training, activity for families suffering from ADHD. Parents/carers will have a support network, people to speak to, practical advice and information to help in the daily challenges of living with ADHD and so improve their health.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The project has achieved a very significant level of engagement with people, which was far above expectations. The service that is provided is of a very high standard offering a holistic support service that is ongoing.

How has your project benefited your local area?

The project has established a family support service in Angus. A base for the service was established with a tangible office space in Friockhome. The family support service has supported large numbers of people with diagnoses, or who are exploring a diagnosis, of ADHD. As part of the support, individual support sessions have been offered, peer support group meetings, youth groups for children and young people diagnosed with ADHD, social skills courses for parents and children. The project has taken part in awareness raising activities and has also liaised with many local professionals and externals services. Altogether this has offered a unique and specialised service to people in rural Angus that didn’t exist before the project.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Angus being a very rural area has presented significant challenges to offering a universal service to everyone regardless of where they live in relation to they live. COVID has also presented a huge challenge due to the nature of parents and children with ADHD.
Project name

Angus ADHD Support Hub – Friockheim

Applicant name

Dundee and Angus ADHD Support

Approved grant


Fund now closed for further applications