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Applying to the LEADER Programme

We have set out below the various stages of the LEADER process, but rest assured, a member of the team will be on hand every step of the way to support you through the application process.
The next deadline date is 24 April 2019 for applications that will be eligible for a decision at the June 2019 LAG Meeting.
Applications for £10,000 or less will be processed using the fast track process.
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Step 1

Contact us to check if your project is eligible and discuss the application process.


Step 2

Complete an expression of interest form

You will be asked to provide basic details of the project at this stage including a brief summary and project costs.

This is the first formal step in the LEADER process and allows the Team to provide written feedback on your project idea and confirm if suitable for the fund within 10 days.

Step 3

Complete Project Plan/Business Plan

The next stage is to complete a project plan. Support can be provided by a member of the team if necessary. Business applicants are encouraged to provide a business plan to support their application. Templates can be found on Business Angus.

Step 4

Complete Application Form

Applicants must also complete an application form online using the new LARCS system. This stage also requires a number of appendices to be included with the application. Support will be provided to gather all documents required. Applications received will be considered at the following LAG meeting.

Step 5

Funding Decision

Applications will be assessed by LAG members and decisions made at LAG meetings held quarterly throughout the year. Applicants will be informed of the decision shortly after the meeting.

Important Dates

 Application Deadline Dates LAG Meeting Dates
23 January 2019 6 March 2019
 24 April 2019  5 June 2019
 24 July 2019  4 September 2019
23 October 2019 4 December 2019

Match Funding

LEADER applicants are required to source match funding for project costs.
Here you will find some useful links to other funders.

Crowdfund Angus

Angus Council and Crowdfunder — the innovative new partnership to help make community, business, sports and social enterprise ideas happen.
Show your idea has the support of the community through crowdfunding and your project could get extra funding on top of what your raise from the Crowd.
Angus Council funding team have put together a list of funding websites and toolkits these can be found here. Information is also available on council funds and general funding information.

Please click here to access this.

Apply now for these funds closing soon.

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