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LEADER is a European Rural Development programme funded from European and Scottish Government money and is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP).

Angus LEADER has a fund of over £2million available for projects in rural Angus. The programme will run until all funds are fully committed or up to the point the UK leaves the EU whichever comes first.

Applications are open to public and private bodies, small and micro businesses, individuals and community groups.
Grants are awarded by the Angus Local Action Group to projects that support the delivery of the Local Development Strategy.  Successful applicants need to show how their project will help to deliver one or more of these strategic objectives.

Strategic Objectives

Build community capacity

Individuals and communities will have increased skills, knowledge and confidence to take forward development and regeneration projects that will make a difference locally
Communities and individuals will have stronger sense of identity and pride in the place that they live, and in Angus
The inequalities for young people, disadvantaged groups and vulnerable communities will be reduced

Improve connectivity

Individuals and communities will have increased access to digital connectivity
Individuals and communities will have increased knowledge, skills and confidence to develop and access digital connectivity and make use of it
The physical links between people and places will be better , greener and meet local needs

Develop community assets and facilities

More community facilities will be fit for purpose and better used by communities
More communities will manage and own local assets
The natural and cultural heritage of the local area will be enhanced and conserved

Strengthen local economy

Micro Businesses and social enterprises will have increased support to develop in a sustainable way
Individuals have increased knowledge and skills
More services are locally delivered by social enterprises and community businesses

Scottish Government requires minimum ring fenced allocations of 10% of our overall budget.
Small Rural Business Support
Farm Diversification

Bon Scott Statue, Kirriemuir
Camperdown Wildlife Centre Angus Scotland

This short film highlights some of the successful projects from the 2007 -2013 programme.

European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

LEADER Funding is also available from the European Maritime Fisheries Fund and aims to support the sustainable development of coastal communities located in Angus and North & South Aberdeenshire. Fisheries funding will be targeted on coastal settlements with demonstrable associations with the fisheries sector and projects which align with the priorities of each area’s Local Development Strategy and EMFF objectives.
The EMFF programme aims to promote economic diversification both within and outwith the fisheries sector as well as build capacity of fisheries communities across the European Union through local projects that build knowledge and skills, add value to fisheries products and in turn facilitate innovation and cooperation in fisheries areas.
Angus is partnering with North & South Aberdeenshire and has formed the North East of Scotland Local Action Group (NESFLAG).
Angus has an allocation of £114,960
Further information can be found on the NESFLAG website



David Tollick

Programme Coordinator

Karen Hamilton profile picture

Karen Hamilton

Clerical Officer

We build lasting relationships

The Communities We Serve

I think it's pretty much the only platform of its kind in this area that allows young people to learn about music in a way that doesn't feel like you're tied to guitar or piano lessons.

DD8 Music

12 years ago there was nowhere other than schools or paid rehearsal space for young musicians. Having our own place and seeing so many musicians develop music and lifelong friendships has for me been the best part of DD8 Music.

DD8 Music
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